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Welcome! Since the SSR Calendar is online, we want the Orientation process to be accessible online.  An online method of orienting our certified therapy dog teams allows interested volunteer teams to get involved in our events more easily and quickly.  Another advantage of this online arrangement is that you can always easily refer to information about our program on this site.


All volunteer teams must be certified through a nationally recognized pet therapy organization. Participating dogs are canine companions who get along well with other dogs and like people, particularly kids. All canine companions must be current on all applicable shots and on active heartworm treatment. It is very important that all therapy dogs must be able to sit with their volunteer partner for at least a one hour period (breaks are permissible). All visiting teams must have current certification documents on all visits.


Before you begin

Before you attend your first event, we require that all volunteers study the You Need to Know materials included here. After you have done this, you will be directed to the next step. 

We have made this an easy four step process.

STEP 1 Fill out completely the Profile Questions on the SSR Calendar Meetup site.
STEP 2 RSVP for Orientation on the SSR Calendar Meetup site.  (See note in Step 3.)

Note: Please wait to hear from our Volunteer Coordinator, BEFORE beginning the online Orientation process.  She reviews your profile for completeness of information and will send you a message about your status.  Thank you.
STEP 3 Read and study the information on this website, paying close attention to information in Our Events and Need to Know sections.  (Important: You must complete your study of the website information BEFORE the date of your RSVP on the Meetup site.)

STEP 4 Now that you have completed the orientation information thoroughly, you are required to pass a quiz to confirm your understanding of the orientation material. Take the Quiz. The results of the quiz are sent to the Volunteer Coordinator. Once Meetup has recorded your attendance at Online Orientation and you pass the quiz, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with details about making your first visit.

You can listen to this page by clicking on the Play icon.

The information here is divided into you Need to Know and Good to Know categories.  The Need to Know section is important information which will help you in your visits. We encourage you to read the Good to Know information as well, which includes information about the benefits to kids and why dogs?

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